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These series 2 Risographed, pint-sized cards showcase bigger-than-life superstars in Fluorescent Pink, Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Seafoam, Metallic Gold, Mint and Black. Now with more detail and color ways, each pack comes with 5 random cards. You can collect a total of 15 cards, including 2 rares, 2 foil stamped ultra rare cards and a special edition, metallic gold card that comes when you order a box of cards (5 packs).


Due to the nature of Risograph printing, not all prints will be exactly the same. Registration and color shifts are a common occurrence and add to the charm of Riso. Printed surfaces can smudge as well, so be gentle!

Series 2 "Derps" Risograph, Basketball Trading Cards

  • All sales are final, but if you receive the wrong order or it arrives damaged, we'll replace free of charge.


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