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UNFORCED ERROR is inspired by skateboarders watching basketball games, the wisdom of Satchel Paige, Mark Gonzales and Bill Spaceman Lee. It’s memories of watching horse races on a small TV at an OTB, going to the track with an uncle, the famished greyhounds chasing automatic rabbits, and tickets tossed on the sidewalk. It’s Garry Kasparov losing to Deep Blue, and the futility of buying a lottery ticket.


The content, design and production of each print, booklet, and other included ephemera are unique. The method of planning, improvisation, and remixing materials using Risograph, inkjet, screen printing, laser cutting, stamping and stenciling, are reflective of the interplay and hand-eye coordination that go into a game being lost O/R WON.


Justen Renyer is a designer, artist, producer, and educator. Born in Spanish Harlem, growing up in Queens, and now teaching at Oklahoma State University for the last 13 years, he has divided his life between NYC and OK, creating music videos, art installations, prints and paintings, and commercial design work for DKNY, Converse, John Varvatos, and other clients.

WON Zine Bundle

  • W 5 1/2 x H 8 1/2 inch  zine (24 pages),

    W 8 1/2 x H 11 inch Risograph print (Metallic Gold ink on black paper)


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